ZDbox ─ All-In-One Android Tools Power App

Do you use different apps for checking your 3G bandwidth usage, keeping track of your battery level, or for task killing? Well, now you can uninstall all those apps and use a single app for everything. ZDbox is a toolbox that combines many different apps’ purposes into a single easy to use package. Oh, and did we mention it also looks quite nice too? Here’s a list of tools that ZDbox provides:

  • Battery Info
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • App Lock
  • Task Killer
  • App Manager
  • Power control widgets
  • Notification bar dashboard

That’s quite a lot of tools, but they are all laid out in one very slick and easy to use interface. ZDbox adds a notification bar icon (can be turned off in settings), that gives you a summary of things like battery level, number of running apps, app lock status and data usage.

Clicking on the Battery Info tab gives you battery information like current charge level, battery temperature, or the estimated battery time remaining; it also lets you turn on a Power Saver mode that turns off things like Wifi, Bluetooth, sync to save battery power. The Mobile Traffic tab shows you your data usage and lets you set a data limit so you can make sure you can never go above your monthly bandwidth. You can also view the per-app data usage in extra details. The Do Not Disturb mode lets you silence or put your phone in airplane mode at certain times.

Then there’s the Task Killer, which lets you kill running apps as and when you want. Though it’s generally not a good idea to use those in Android, it comes in pretty handy when a certain app refuses to shut down and keeps draining battery. The Uninstaller lets you uninstall apps, along with App to SD which lets you transfer apps to the external SD card. There’s also a System Cleaner that lets you clear the cache, and also history data like browser history, search history, etc.

One of the most useful features is the App Lock, which lets you lock individual apps with a PIN or Pattern password, so you can limit access to those apps in case someone else uses your phone. Last but not the least, ZDbox also provides widgets, which offer power controls much like the Power Control Android widget, and also other options such as the app locker, 2G/3G toggles, etc.

All in all, ZDbox is one handy app that should find a place on any user’s phone who uses the tools mentioned above. Grab it from the Android Market for free by following the Download link below. Leave your thoughts on this app in the comments below.

[button link=”https://market.android.com/details?id=com.zdworks.android.toolbox” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download ZDbox[/button]

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