Xperia X Root Status

Status: Not yet available

Sony’s 2016 flagship phone, Xperia X, is all set to release next month with a bang. Thanks to the new naming series and a refreshed marketing campaign.

For those among us concerned about root access on the Xperia X devices, know that things will still be the same as on the Z series of Xperia smartphones.

You’ll still be able to unlock bootloader on Xperia X and its family of devices. And you’ll still be have TWRP recovery on Xperia X for all your system customization needs.

As fas as root goes, we aren’t sure if Xperia X would be compatible with Chainfire’s systemless root with SuperSU beta for Marshmallow. But in any case, you’ll always be able to root Xperia X via a custom kernel, which we’re pretty sure somebody over at xda will bring in no time once the device is launched.

We’ll be keeping a close watch on the XDA forums and other Android communities for any developments on the Xperia X root. Stay tuned..

Happy Androiding!

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