Xiaomi’s Mi Music app gets updated with Music Widgets

Music Widgets

We have some good news for owners of Xiaomi devices who love to listen to music on their smartphone via the company’s own Mi Music player.

The company just announced it’s rolling out a feature that has been highly requested by the community for some time. So starting with Mi Music v3.4.14i, users will be able to take advantage of Music Widgets for Homescreen.

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The new widgets in place make it a lot easier for users to notice and change what it playing in the background.

Xiaomi says that the feature is only available in Global Beta ROM 8.10.11 onwards. However, it will also soon be offered in the MIUI 10 Stable ROM via a Mi Music update.

So how do you get the Music Widget? Simply access Settings>System Apps Updater. Find the Mi Music app and update it to version v3.4.14i.

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Once that’s done, go to the home screen on your device and pinch it with two fingers. Tap widgets, then scroll down until you find the widget. It’s currently available in three sizes including 4×5, 4×1 and 4×2.

Like always Xiaomi encourages you to provide feedback, as well as more suggestions. So if there’s a feature you’d like to see on your Xiaomi device, don’t hesitate to go on the MI forums and let the company know.

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