Xiaomi Mi Note and Note Pro priced at Oppomart at $399 and $599 respectively

Xiaomi Mi Note Oppomart Price

Xiaomi’s incredible hot new sets, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, have been listed at Oppomart already for a price that is surprisingly not much. You’re getting the 16GB Mi Note for $399, where official price is set at $371 (2,299 yuan). On the other hand, the beefier Mi Note Pro is listed for $599, in contrast to official price of $571 (3,299 yuan). That’s just $28 for each device that Oppomart is charging you extra, while taking care of buying and shipping to you. Shipping charges may be extra, btw.

While Xiaomi will take great deal of time before launching the Mi Note sets outside China, the Oppomart’s worldwide shipping is really handy if you wanna buy any of these two spectacular devices. As an example, the Mi4 India launch is set for January 28, which makes it 7 months later than it’s China launch: July last year.

Both devices are currently out of stock as they are yet to hit the retail stores, but once they do, we expect them to be available instantly.

Would you buy Xiaomi Mi Note Pro or wait for OnePlus Two which would also offer similar specs?

Oppomart Links: Mi Note | Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note Oppomart Price

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