Would Black Color of Galaxy S3 Make It Look Good?

There’s a slight chance that early adopters of the Galaxy S3 might soon be ruing their decision to not wait a little before buying the phone, as recent pictures posted by Samsung on Facebook suggest that a black color variant of the Galaxy S3 might be on the cards.

Now, before you get really excited, it is to be noted that the black does have a few bluish tints here and there so it might just be the pebble blue version, which has a tendency of looking black under a few lighting conditions. However, with a red version already out for AT&T, it’s completely possible that a black variant might also come along with a few more colors.

I personally would love to see a black variant, as a full black front of the device coupled with the amazing and deep blacks of the Super AMOLED screen are what I love about my Galaxy Nexus, and the announcement initially that there will be no black variant of the Galaxy S3 disappointed me a lot. What do you think? Does a Galaxy S3 in black appeal to you? Or do you not really care? Do let us know!