Wordle: How to Know if Someone is Cheating

Over the past few days, we have revealed to you so many different ways to cheat at Wordle. With all the answers already accessible to those looking for it, to cheat, all a player has to do is maybe post a good “fake” score, use some Wordle helper tools to figure out the answer, or even steal the answer from Wordle spoiler forums and boast an impossible 1-guess win.

A score-grid like this doesn’t really give much away about how someone figured out the solution. So, when the means to cheat are many, and so are the number of cheater Wordlers, is there any way you can actually tell if someone is cheating in Wordle?

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How to know if someone is cheating in Wordle?

Sadly…there is no way really to figure out if someone is cheating unless they actually admit to it or leave blatant evidence behind while doing it (like maybe revealing their score-record on a regular basis for anyone to study).

The screenshot above is what a Wordle score sheet looks like. It has designated spaces to indicate the number of games played by the player, along with the winning rate, and details about the winning streak. Now, this is very relative. The same player could use different devices or browsers on the same day to play the same game and get completely different scores on each game. As a result, the values on the score-record will also vary. If you have the means to view someone’s score sheet, you can perhaps find out if they cheated in the game to get a particular result.

That said, is it easy to get a peek at someone’s score unless they share it with you (peek by honest means, I mean)? No, this can only be considered as a possible but impractical shot at analyzing someone’s score. In addition, they have ways to maintain a flawless score chart even while cheating, so, this suggestion… we can basically throw it out the window.

How can one Cheat at Wordle? Know four easy tricks to cheat at Wordle

Rather than looking for ways to figure out if someone is a Wordle cheater, let’s take a look at the most popular methods of Wordle cheating. This will give you decent insights into how to know if someone is cheating at Wordle.

Once you know about the easiest and most popular ways to cheat at Wordle, you can easily if someone is indeed cheating at Wordle.

1. Stealing answers off of Wordle spoiler forums

Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms have many party-spoilers who reveal the word of the day to ruin the game for those yet to take on the challenge. While they may ruin the game for some, they are the gods of Wordle cheaters who seek to find the solution-word without using any brain cells.

Picking up answers as if from the street is no fun way to cheat, but, hey, if your goal is to gain some bragging rights for bagging that 1st-guess-bullseye, then…why not? (Although, it really is the worst possible way to cheat!)

2. Solving after playing more than once

I’d say this kind of cheating has one redeeming quality about it — because at least they try to solve it themselves. So, what they do is play as many times as it takes to solve it and then play on the device they maintain the winning streak on and share that impressive score.

It is cheating because if someone solved the challenge in their fifth game but shared the result as 1/6 or 2/6, it is an act of purposeful misleading. Check out the linked article below to know more about how to play the same Wordle more than once.

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3. Using Wordle Helper Tools

There are so many free helper tools available for players to find the correct word with the available feedback or based on the current stage of the game. For instance, if you know that the hidden word has A, R, and V in it, you could go to websites like Wordhippo to get a list of five-letter words with these specific words.

There are even more direct cheating-assistive tools like wordle.tips that directly give you the answer based on your guesses and the feedback each letter received. We have introduced some awesome Wordle helper tools in the article below. Do check it out if you want to win the game but not cheat shamelessly without even trying. 

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4. Using the Solution List to Cheat in Future Wordles

Wordlers have figured out quite a few interesting ways to sneak a peek at solution words of upcoming Wordle.

One of the easiest and most honest ways to get the answer of future Wordles is by actually playing the Wordle Time Machine by Taq Karim which is actually Wordle but reverse engineered to unveil ALL the 2,315 stock Wordles (Wordles from the past and future!). At Wordle Time Machine, you actually have to play the game (or deliberately or not lose for the system to reveal the correct answer). So, when you get the answer, you can put on an innocent face and pretend to have solved it in the first try itself. Check out the linked article below to learn how to play future Wordle.

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Really, cheating is no fun way to play an honest game like Wordle (unless you are on your LAST guess and you tried really, really hard, AND you just can’t bear to lose that winning streak!) So, each to their own, I guess! You can turn a blind eye or choose to J-U-D-G-E!

That’s all.