Will God of War: Ragnarok Come to PS4?

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The fact that God of War: Ragnarok need only give us a glimpse of an icy God of War symbol and a few seconds of everybody’s favorite gravelly voice to get us sweating in anxious anticipation is a testament to the greatness of the franchise. 2018’s God of War reboot was met with such fanfare and resounding critical acclaim, with many praising the game’s new design elements and retention of the franchise’s core appeal, that it didn’t take long for fans to begin clamoring for more. 

It was at the end of the September 16th PS5 Showcase event that gamers were finally given that more. More on the PS5 starting price and release date ($499, November 12th) as well as a razor-thin teaser for the next installment in the world’s grittiest, most high-stakes father-son bonding time ever.

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God of War: Ragnarok - Teaser Trailer | PS5 Showcase

It took Sony five long years to craft the masterpiece that was the 2018 reboot, but, perhaps invigorated by the overwhelming success of God of War, Sony has confirmed that the next installment is slated for release sometime in 2021 — making it just about 3 years. Sony has yet, however, to settle on a firm release date for the next installment. B

With some light, however dim, finally being shed on upcoming God of War, players are chomping at the bit to know more. None more so than PS4 players reluctant to shell out for the new console just yet.

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Will God of War: Ragnarok Come to PS4?

The answer to whether or not we’ll see Ragnarok alongside its predecessor on the PS4 is an uncertain one.

It’s a maybe. Here’s why:

Sony has been tight-lipped about whether or not the game will be released for or compatible with the PS4, stating simply that the game is being developed for the next-gen console. This specific language might suggest that the game won’t be releasing on the PS4 after all — certainly a distinct possibility. Keeping God of War: Ragnarok exclusive to the PS5 would be a potent motivator for many among the legions of God of War fans to pick up the next-gen console.

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But gamers hesitant to shell out 500 dollars for the console this November have some reason to hold out hope that they may see God of War: Ragnarok on PS4 after all. Other platform exclusives developed specifically for the PS5 have been confirmed to have backward compatibility. Spiderman: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West are both sequels to huge first-party games on the PS4, and both have also been confirmed to be playable on the PS4.

This gives PS4 gamers reason to remain hopeful that they will be able to return to galavanting through Scandinavian forests once again, laying waste to gods and monsters of Norse lore and experiencing the most turbulent formative years of any tween ever.

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Why Isn’t God of War: Ragnarok Coming to PS4?

God of War: Ragnarok might not come to PS4 for the simple reason that it’s popular enough to drive sales for the next-gen console. The race for console supremacy this generation heats up by the day, and with Microsoft making absolutely gigantic moves and stacking the deck with a longer lineup of exclusives, Sony will be looking for whatever foothold they can find. And this could mean dangling a next-gen exclusive God of War: Ragnarok as a carrot for those on the fence about which platform to go with this generation.

Whatever happens, gamers can be rest assured God of War: Ragnarok is worth waiting for.

How stoked are you for God of War: Ragnarok? What do you think lays in store for Kratos and Atreus this time around? Let us, and everybody else, know down below!

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