Wi-Fi Alliance clears multiple U.S. Galaxy J3 variants with Android Pie as release approaches

Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 Pie update

Samsung doesn’t include midrange and budget phones in its Android OS beta testing program, so the only other way to trace the developments regarding their OS updates is through things like Wi-Fi Alliance certifications.

And indeed, we have just picked up some details related to the entry-level Samsung Galaxy J3 released in the U.S. in 2018. The phone was sold through multiple carriers and for whatever reason, nearly every carrier has a different name for the same device.

Names aside, the WFA has cleared multiple variants of the J3 2018 running Pie, suggesting that those in the U.S. will soon make the switch to One UI. The WFA has also cleared the Canadian variant of the phone with the new OS.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 Pie update WFA

It’s worth noting that a little over a month ago, these devices also went through the WFA certification with the same OS. With the latest appearance, it’s clear that the release date is almost here. We are probably looking at another two-week wait or so.

The Galaxy J3 2018 has Oreo preinstalled, making the update to Pie the one and only software upgrade it will receive.

FYI, Android Q beta is already here and unlike years before, more than 15 non-Google phones are on board, but still, Samsung’s latest jewel, the Galaxy S10, is nowhere on the list. Such a shame for a smartphone company that leads while others follow.


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