White Galaxy S Available in Germany. No Sweet Deal, Though!

White Samsung galaxy S

While most of the 5 million Samsung Galaxians — those who bought either of the international Galaxy S (I9000), Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate or Epic — wait for a good froyo work from Samsung knowing that it’s already been ages since promised delivery date passed out, Samsung seems busy selling white painted Galaxy S.

The white color already hit the UK earlier, and now it’s Germans who might get enticed by it, only if they don’t know about the Nexus S (releasing on Dec 16 in UK and US and said to hit European corners around Feb with Super Clear LCD display in place of Super AMOLED), or the dual-core phones coming in early 2011 or even the lazy software update team of Sammy’s.

Too much to ignore if you wanna buying a Galaxy S device today, no? But hey, it still got the best display, best display, best drivers that play games better then any android phone right now and that it’s the only phone that plays .mkv videos just like that.

By the way, the white version boasts of age-old android 2.1, so it will only stand in 5 million+ froyo waiting line of Galaxy S users. As for the price, Sammy’s labeling it with 649 Euros (sure, it’s too much) while we also spotted one selling on German Amazon store for 464 Euros, in totally unlocked form.

The white variant doesn’t require any dramatic re-work, and in fact, a white cover in the back is what makes 90% of the redesign work complete, the remaining being the white grill (that iPhone like grey grill in black SGS) bordering the screen upfront, which isn’t so noticable to average Joe. If you’re able to find a white cover for your black Galaxy S, this is all you need, just buy it and replace the black cover and it will as good as the new white Galaxy S.

Galaxy S in white color

So, are any German readers of ours planning to buy a White galaxy S?

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