WhatsApp beta brings new Android Oreo 8.0 emojis

While everyone is busy waiting for or trying the “Delete for Everyone” feature on WhatsApp, very few people on WhatsApp Beta have noticed the new bunch of emojis.

WhatsApp has introduced new emojis in the latest Beta version of 2.17.400. The new emojis include new facial expressions, fantasy icons, food items and other things. The emojis were introduced with Android Oreo and now work with WhatsApp.

There are almost 70 new emojis in the latest beta version. Some of them are:

  • Swearing face
  • Star eyes
  • Orange heart
  • Vomit Face
  • T-rex
  • Woman with a headscarf
  • A bearded man
  • Xombies
  • Shhh face
  • Breast feeding women
  • Exploding head
  • Brain emoji and others

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Recently WhatsApp redesigned its old emojis and introduced a glossier and more excited version of emojis in the beta version. The redesigned emojis are now available on the stable version too. For the unaware, WhatsApp also lets you search for emojis. Just tap the search icon at the bottom left corner of the emoji panel and enter your emoji search term. Please keep in mind, your friends should be using the latest version of WhatsApp to receive the new emojis otherwise WhatsApp won’t detect them.

If you are part of WhatsApp beta, just install the latest WhatsApp update from the Play Store. However, if you aren’t part of WhatsApp beta, just grab the APK file from the link below and install it as you would any other APK file.

Install WhatsApp from Play Store

Download WhatsApp 2.17.400 APK