What is KFConsole by KFC?

Last month, Microsoft and Sony officially presented their newest consoles to the world. Both Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 are top-of-the-line gaming powerhouses, boasting graphical muscles that very few PCs can dream of. Combine the hardware wizardry with optimized games and buttery-smooth UI, and you have an undeniable winning formula at your hands.

The two horses in this two-horse race were going about their business until an unusual adversary started to take unwelcoming potshots. Upon being considered an elaborated joke, the perpetrator in question — Kentucky Fried Chicken — finally decided to show the world its true intentions and released a teaser of the upcoming, tasty gaming console.

Today, we’ll take a look at the much-anticipated and much-speculated KFConsole and answer the questions that need answering.

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What is Kentucky Fried Console?

KFC — one of the largest fast-food chains in the world — has decided to throw its hat in the ring of gaming consoles. It’s absurd, we know, but KFC seems to be very serious about this proposition.

The company has teamed up with Cooler Master, Asus, and Seagate to create a unique little machine, which promises to keep you full and content with chicken and games. The KFConsole is going to be powered by Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element CPU, have a high-end Asus GPU, and store its games in two custom-made Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs.

It will also have a — first of its kind — Chicken Chamber, which would allow gamers to keep their fried chicken hot and crispy for hours.  Major props must go to Cooler Master for creating the chassis and allowing KFC to create this ridiculous yet enviable setup.

What are KFConsole’s unique features?

Even if you had a light glance at the previous section, you must already have an idea about what this section might contain. Yes, it’s time to embrace the absurdity.

Chicken Chamber

Since we’re talking about a gaming console by Kentucky Friend Chicken, it’s better to start off by addressing the elephant in the room — the Chicken Chamber. Cooler Master and KFC are gladly calling it the first-ever official rendition of an idea this unique, and they actually have the complete authority to do so. No company, ever, has done what KFC is doing with its KFConsole.

Just as advertised, the KFConsole has a thick tray for placing your chicken pieces, pretty much like an air fryer. Once you place your food and close the tray, the unit will redirect all the heat it is producing to the Chamber. So, the more you play, the longer you’d be able to keep your chicken pieces warm.

Hot-Swappable GPU

Thanks to their beefy internals and optimized games, consoles are deemed as excellent long-haul purchases. However, despite being thoroughly optimized to run all the latest games, consoles often end up pushing fewer frames than PCs. They also tend to lack the graphical wizardry that powerful PCs so effortlessly manage.

KFConsole fixes this issue by implementing a hot-swappable GPU. Unlike the competition, KFConsole would actually allow you to get a new GPU if and when it becomes available. No need to call an experienced KFConsole handler to do the work. Just get a new GPU — Asus is a partner here — and get to work.

4K TV gaming

PS5 and Xbox Series X are being advertised as the perfect tools for 4K gaming. The KFConsole has dipped its toe in this section of the market as well, coming out with a staggering 240hz support for 4K displays. If you were wondering, that’s straight up the double number of frames that PS5 or Xbox Series X is offering.

Additionally, KFConsole comes with Ray Tracing and Virtual Reality support, guaranteeing an unmatched level of immersion.

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How can you buy the KFConsole?

If the spec-sheet has you drooling already, you might be disappointed to know that the KFConsole is not yet prepared to hit the market. There have been a couple of teases, of course, but we have no clue about KFConsole’s availability and, more importantly, price. Given how hard KFC’s been pushing it, we’re certain of seeing it fleshed out in the next few months. Hopefully, within the first quarter of 2021.

Is KFConsole a real gaming console?

A Chicken Chamber, hot-swappable GPU, 2 TB of SSD, and an Intel i9 9th generation processor to power it all — KFConsole looks absolutely gorgeous on paper. However, the company still hasn’t revealed enough for us to brand it a full-fledged gaming console.

We still don’t know how much RAM it’ll have, which GPU it’ll come with, or and whether it has a dedicated console UI — similar to PlayStation and Xbox. So, at this point, at least, it’s looking more and more like a pumped-up Windows system with aftermarket tweaks, rather than a separate gaming system.

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How does KFConsole stack up against PS5 or XBOX Series X?

We still don’t know a couple of major things about the KFConsole, of course — the RAM and GPU, to be precise. However, if Cooler Master and KFC’s claims are to be believed, the KFConsole is bound to put the newest and most powerful consoles to shame, by delivering 240 fps gaming in 4K. That level of performance can only be achieved with a top of the line GPU, which is making us a little skeptical about its pricing.

Still, unless KFC decides to take a step back, we could see a truly marvelous piece of gaming hardware take shape in front of us.

Is KFConsole a big gimmick?

From what we’ve seen so far, KFConsole, most definitely, feels real. However, that doesn’t mean KFC didn’t have ulterior motives, to begin with. The company wanted to steal the limelight from next-generation consoles by promising something absurd and wonderful. Irrespective of whether you’re a doubter or a believer, you are spending precious minutes thinking or reading about KFConsole. And that’s exactly what KFC had in mind when they announced its unique little gaming machine.

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