15 Best Christmas Live Wallpaper Apps for your Android

It’s the month of December when you patiently wait to get back to your cozy chair with a big mug of pipping hot chocolate. When you look forward to those chunky sweaters and warm dinners at the end of each day.

The year 2020 has been challenging for all, with many endeavors coming to a screeching halt, many of you will likely need some motivation to get into the holiday spirit. With the plethora of Christmas themed laptop bags, skins, mobile covers, air pod cases out in the market, live wallpaper apps have also decided to join in on the fun. In today’s article, we cover 15 of the best Christmas live wallpapers for your android devices.

1. Moonlight Snowfall

Undoubtedly the top contender in this list is this live wallpaper app which features everything that you love about Christmas. Be it the twinkly lights on a large Christmas tree, a snowy night, or the mountains in the background, the scene is absolutely breathtaking. With picture quality that is sharp, crisp, and has depth to all different elements covered in animated snowfall, this wallpaper is a must-try this holiday season.

The app allows you to customize the wallpaper’s soothing music, fireworks in the background, lights on trees, and of course the snow (speed, intensity, and direction). While the app is fairly minimalist and user-friendly, visually it could be attractive especially since the ads take up half of the screen. Additionally, there is only one wallpaper in this app, but since the live wallpaper is fantastic, there is not much left to complain about.

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2. Snowy Night

This app offers a set of 10 calming live wallpapers that includes motion pictures reflecting snowy winter and the night of Christmas eve. Think of it as a short video and not a live wallpaper. Whether it’s the lights, music, people’s movements, or the snowfall effect, it’s all subtle here. The app allows you to upload your personal picture or a video and turn it into a live wallpaper as well.

But sadly, there is no settings panel to customize the live wallpapers. Additionally, the frequency of ads is slightly annoying.

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3. Jingle Bells

This app has both HD steady and live wallpapers. The user interface is excellent, attractive, and easy to understand. There are 10 wallpapers to choose from and each of them can be customized according to the moving elements, clock style, patterns, animation, sound, volume, etc. The list of settings is endless. Therefore, the app is an engaging one. Moreover, the ads are less making the app a fan favorite for years.

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4. Happy Holidays

Very close to realistic pictures, the wallpapers are actually animated in this app. There are more than 10 wallpapers to choose from. Concerning settings, only the density of snowflakes can be customized. There is no setting for music, light, snowflake direction, etc. The ads are quite frequent, but what sets this app apart is the choice of pictures. Each one is different from the other depicting different scenes of Christmas from around the world.

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5. Christmas Spirit

The wide range of beautiful wallpapers in this app is divided into two main categories. One is completely free to use, while the other opts for an ad-based model where you can unlock exclusive wallpapers by watching ads.

When it comes to settings, only the lighting, music, and snow effect can be customized. All the wallpapers have a glow effect. There is also the option to upload your personal pictures and add your own music, lights, and snow to it.

However, the wallpapers do not have any moving objects, except the snow. While there is an option for you to choose different music, you cannot adjust the otherwise low volume offered in the app.

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6. Christmas Rink

Another Christmas themed wallpaper, this one comes with character movements, snowfall, and Santa on a sleigh. With lovely soft music in the background and twinkling lights that are easy to customize, this live wallpaper app offers nine themes that you can mix and match to find the best one for you according to your preferences.

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7. Christmas Countdown

Sometimes beauty lies in its simplicity. This live wallpaper is a countdown to Christmas eve. There are a few great backgrounds and the style of the font to choose from. But there is no provision for adding snow, music, color, etc. However, if you are eagerly waiting for Christmas all year round and want a constant reminder that happy times are fast approaching, download this wallpaper. Most importantly, the ads are extremely less and do not pop up suddenly to trigger accidental clicks.

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8. Memories of December

The mountainous forest scene is panoramic. You tilt the phone or flick your finger on the screen, and the scenery moves under your command and the snowflakes do a funky dance at your fingertips. Amazingly, you can set the mood of the wallpaper by selecting the time of the day as well. You can even alter the phases of the moon, adjust the density of snow as well as its direction. The list is endless about how much you can play with this wallpaper app. A definite thumbs up goes to this one.

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9. Come by the Fireplace

The main feature of this wallpaper app is a room with a fireplace. A cozy backdrop of falling snow, crackling fire, and lights on the Christmas tree fills your screen with delight. This app also offers a wide range of customization where you can adjust the snow size, density, lights on the Christmas tree, add or remove objects and even add your own name to the wallpaper. The most interesting part would be that in this app you have the option to upload your personal photographs and turn them into tiny photo frames that become a part of the wallpaper.

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10. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This app offers you a perfect collection of joyful Santa themed live wallpapers. With bright colors and graphics, each wallpaper is animated and leans more towards the cartoony side of Christmas art. Since it is free, the app is riddled with ads.

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11. My Magic Christmas

Without any distractions, this live wallpaper app is focused on a sparkling Christmas tree with alternative colors. Whether the idea is cliched or not, a Christmas tree does make everyone happy. And this tree is 3D, animated, and whimsical. Moreover, there is a lot you can do with the light, snow, and music settings.

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12. Christmas Blessings

The app offers a simple picture with different choices in music. There is a certain calm to the picture of a window with candles burning inside the room. The wallpaper itself is animated and has a soft glow effect. The less number of ads and a user-friendly UI makes this live wallpaper the go-to choice for many users.

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13. Season’s Greetings

This live wallpaper app is quite innovative to have a snowman throwing snowballs right at your screen. Besides, giving you the ability to customize its moving parts, the wallpaper lets you adjust the exposure and light entering your scene as well. Do try all its scenes and feel the joy of gifts flying across your screen.

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14. Christmas Calendar

Another live countdown to the big day that is filled with delightfully blinding lights and music. The wallpaper is not particularly a scenery or picture but has an animated sparkle tree and snowflakes.

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15. Snowman

As a true pleasure for your device, this live wallpaper is less distracting with only a few moving elements in the frame. It has a central overriding theme of a chubby snowman that can then be adjusted according to your liking. There is a wide range of settings concerning backgrounds, sounds, animations, and effects that will help you find the perfect look depending on your preferences.

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If you have any more questions, feel free to use the comments section below.