What Happens When You Are Idle On Discord?

Discord has grown to be one of the most popular audio-centric social media platforms in the past year. Initially dedicated to gamers, Discord has introduced numerous features that make it the ideal choice for professional and personal use as well. You can create communities, host your own servers, create events, host speaker sessions, and much more within Discord. Discord has a nifty status section as well that allows you to dictate your public availability to other members on your Discord servers. One of these statuses is ‘Idle’. As Discord changes your status automatically based on your activity, you might have seen yours set to idle in many cases. So what does the ‘Idle’ status mean on Discord? Let’s find out!

What does Idle status mean on Discord?

The ‘Idle’ status refers to a stint of inactivity for any user on Discord. To be precise, your status is changed to Idle, when you are active/logged in to Discord but haven’t checked or interacted with the app or web app in a while.

It is quite similar to the ‘AFK’ term used during the early days of the internet which meant ‘Away from keyboard’.

Your status is also changed to idle if you have Discord active in one of your browser tabs but haven’t checked it in a while. Idle differs from ‘Offline’ or ‘DND’ as it lets other users know that you are active on Discord and have logged in but aren’t available currently or are busy with something else. 

Can you change your status manually?

Yes, you can easily change your status on Discord with a few simple clicks. Keep in mind, that your manual status will be switched to automatic based on your inactivity on Discord for long periods of time.

How to change your Discord status to Idle manually

Follow the guide below to manually change your status to ‘Idle’ on Discord. 

On Desktop

Open the Discord desktop app or web app and log in to your account. Once logged in, click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Now click on ‘Idle’. 

And that’s it! Your status will now be changed to ‘Idle’ on Discord. 

 On Mobile

The Discord UI is almost the same for Android and iOS. Hence you can use the common guide below to change your status on Discord. 

Open the Discord app and tap on your profile in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Now tap on ‘Set Status’. 

Tap and select ‘Idle’. 

And that’s it! Your status should now be changed to ‘Idle’ manually. 

We hope this guide helped you get familiar with the ‘Idle’ status on Discord. If you have any more questions or face any issues, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below. 

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