What does WAP mean in slang and Cardi B song: All you need to know

Defiance has been weaved into the overtones and undertones of important events and activities of this decade. Whether it’s in the interpretation of the art, reflecting the sensibilities of the artist or massive movement against systemic racism challenging history to alter the pathway to the future, change is happening whether you’re ready for it or not.

But it can so happen that one wo/man’s idea of defiance is another’s idea of deviance. Though both are similar-sounding words, the meanings are vastly different. Defiance indicates resistance, a form of action; whereas deviance indicates that which is not conventional or normal, a perception. In both cases, it’s not easy to discern who’s right and who’s wrong, mostly because it’s so difficult to define certain issues arbitrarily in the first place. As the internet obliterates geographical boundaries, there is a variety in the content that is being produced, invoking deviance disclaimers from those who don’t have a stomach for it and defiance from those who relate to it. Controversial content can be empowering, especially for those who were never privileged enough to be able to experience an alternate perspective.

Many things there were potentially considered deviant or shocking are now becoming the norm and one thing that is unarguably true through all of this is that haters gonna hate.

Our monologue is a prelude to help you stay objective as we proceed. Artists like Cardi B are controversial for the kind of content they produce. Often misunderstood when what they depict is taken out of context, which is why we’re hoping to develop some perspective on her new song and the swiftly emerging term ‘WAP’ from it.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP: What you need to know

Two weeks ago, Cardi B dropped her new rap, WAP in collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion unsurprisingly invoking some powerful reactions across the Internet, and topping the charts to become a hit in no time.

Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion [Official Music Video]

It’s safe to say that the censored music video (Cardi B had to release a censored version because the video was considered too inappropriate even by YouTube standards) still managed to raise eyebrows across the collective Global psyche for its raunchy nature and explicit lyrics that focused on female pleasure and sexuality.

But sensually provocative content is nothing new right? especially considering the rise of this specific genre of music from the times of Lil Kim, Britney, RiRi, and Beyonce. Well, for one thing, Cardi B is one of the most prolific rappers of the century, with the kind of rap skill, innovation, and wordplay that has gotten her nominated for multiple Grammys, making this rap something well and beyond great for us. Also, the lyrical shock factor aside, Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion are celebrating their sexual power in an ode that has been sung from women for women. It’s not about impressing men as much as empowering women to explore their own sexuality to the fullest.

Which explains why conservatives and traditionalists have been triggered in the worst way, with tweets like this one from US House Candidate James P. Bradley.

The opposite spectrum had some positive things to say though. With tweets like these from Twitter user @mistress_selina.

Nevertheless, WAP has some great beats and a solid rap for those who enjoy this genre or Rap and music. Keep in mind though, that even Cardi B has stated that this video is for ‘adults only’.

WAP: The abbreviation

There is major confusion surrounding the abbreviation of WAP, with users even making up their own rendition. But mostly, the confusion is stemming from the fact that the censored version of the video is using …safer and more acceptable words instead.

In the censored version of the song, WAP has been called “Wet and gushy” to make it YouTube friendly. However, in the explicit version, WAP stands for Wet Ass Pussy, an ode to female empowerment that Cardi and Megah use to explore their own sexuality without judgment or prejudice. There are other abbreviations that have emerged from this one as well like:

  • Waffles and Pancakes
  • Wrong Ass President
  • With All Praise
  • With A Passion
  • Women Against Patriarchy

The issues surrounding the term WAP

WAP is not a derogatory term as much as it’s just a really sexual description of the female genitalia that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion use to describe their own physical needs in a very thirsty way. Which is why it’s not safe for kids or at work. However, let’s get into this anyway and understand why people tripping hard on WAP.


For those who are shy and not used to Cardi B, there is shock value in the form of those lyrics and provocative visuals. Many are calling this video an equivalent of watching porn because of the semi-nudity and dance moves.

Yet, despite the sexual nature of the lyrics, there was nothing pornographic actually happening in the video. There is quite a bit of twerking and other sexual imagery but if the video is YouTube approved, then it’s mostly offending one’s sensibilities rather than breaking any kind of rules. In fact, the Press video has more nudity and yet did not garner as much criticism because the video was not focused on sex as a theme.

Cardi’s style has not changed as much as the fact that this specific video was mostly targeted towards women, focusing on sexual empowerment. So the controversy is delving not from those who are defiant as much as those who are considering it deviant. Much of the criticism is rooted in the kind of misogyny that looks at women as demure, non-sexual creatures. The idea that women are sexual creatures with needs is foreign to these people and the role of women certainly does not extend beyond the conventional ones.

Basically, the controversy is stemmed from the age-old narrative of men who own their sexual prowess being celebrated whereas women who do the same will be condemned, subject to criticism and backlash.


The confusion surrounding WAP is mostly about whether it’s demeaning women in some way or another. Honestly, this song is the least offensive in terms of its treatment of women. The video exudes power, authority, and freedom to get to know oneself in a way that is considered taboo in many societies. Cardi’s rap lyrics also stick to first-person, describing herself, what she wants, and her desires throughout the video.


The official music video on YouTube is not censored in terms of visuals however, the main abbreviation has been changed to get YouTube’s approval for posting.

WAP on Social Media and Pop Culture

From TikTok challenges to YouTube reactions, users have a lot to say about WAP.


As with everything else, the WAP song became a challenge for TikTokers to capitalize on terms of engagement.

WAP Dance Challenge | TikTok Compilation


Twitter is abuzz with a wide variety of content, some of which has entirely moved away from the original theme of the song. But mostly, we saw a lot of takes on the song itself.

Like fans who simply loved it.


And could not stop listening to the song all night.

And fans who felt the song was way off the mark in what it should have achieved.

Users even turned WAP into something else entirely.

Like this meme.

Or this one.



YouTube was abuzz with reaction videos and explainers regarding WAP.

Like this reaction video from Noah Jacob TV.


Controversy like this.

Charli DRAGGED For WAP Dance & Her Mom RESPONDING!, Olivia With JAKE PAUL?!, Cardi B ENDING Emmuhlu

And funny ones like this reaction video.


Even Trevor Noah chimed in with a few words on WAP!

Let’s Break Down the WAP Controversy | The Daily Social Distancing Show

WAP is certainly a term that will go down in pop-culture eternally. We’re already seeing it get picked up in various places and references which is certainly reflective of the times we live in. It’s not a word that can be applied to casual conversations, it’s not an abbreviation for any action like the way LOL or SMH is. However, WAP is not offensive either and it does not demean women in any way. However, the way you use the term, the tone with which you use and the context really matters. It’s one thing for WAP to be the means for a woman to explore her own sexuality and an entirely other one is someone who uses it to gaslight her or disrespect her.

What do you feel about WAP? Did it give you a culture shock or do you find yourself empowered? Do let us know in the comments!

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