What does IDM mean on Snapchat and How to use it

Social media-based shorthands are a practice perfected to a fault. There are certain shorthands that are colloquial to a certain circle of people- like a specific generation or the users of certain kinds of social networking applications. For instance, if a phone user in their late 30s or older comes across a sentence like — “NGL, that was the best concert ever! IDM chasing the band all over the country,” the likelihood of them making full sense of the content is slim to little.

This is because the use of newfangled abbreviations like “NGL” or “IDM” resonates with a certain niche, particularly social media users. In this article, let’s explore “IDM” in the context of Social Media, particularly Snapchat, and how to use it organically in a conversation.

What does IDM mean on Snapchat?

Coming across internet shorthand is a common event — you do not even have to frequent any social media apps to at least see (not necessarily comprehend) strange abbreviations. Today, the dictionary of internet shorthands has bulked up to accommodate abbreviations a lot more complicated LOL, OMG or ROFL — no, at this point you can probably type out a whole sentence without using a single word or term in its complete form.

However, most of the shorthands are still simple and convenient to use. Once you understand what the abbreviations expand to, you might even muse — “Duh! It sounds so obvious, why didn’t I figure it out earlier?”

IDM is a shorthand that casually falls under the guessable category of non-technical abbreviations. It is commonly used amongst representatives of the younger generation within the age bracket of teenage to adults (in their twenties or early thirties). 

“IDM” in general conversations is the abbreviated form of “I don’t mind.” It is a part of the lingo of popular networking applications like Snapchat, Whatsapp, or Instagram. By definition and use, the level of guessability of “IDM” is fairly average — that means, it is neither too difficult to guess nor is it self-explanatory out of context.

Shorthands like IDM are largely dependent on the context for the abbreviation itself to translate the meaning in its full form to the reader. Unless the sender uses it in an appropriate context, the abbreviation would fail to communicate the intended meaning.

The idea of abbreviations being “context-based content” can be grokked better if we try to explain it out of context. For instance, IDM could also be expanded as “It doesn’t matter” (or its grammatically erroneous variant — it “don’t” matter). Because, “I don’t mind” and “it doesn’t matter” are not shockingly divergent in the communicated meaning, in a casual conversation, it might not create any confusion or miscommunication.

However, in a different conversation, say about music or events, IDM could stand as an expansion for Intelligent Dance Music, a kind of experimental variety of immersive music intended for dancing in a cozy setting. 

IDM, as an abbreviation could take a grave turn in a more professional context like Informed Decision Making, Integrated Disease Management, etc. 

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Other acceptable expansions of IDM on Snapchat

Like already discussed, IDM could also stand for “It doesn’t matter” in social media conversations.

Example sentence 1: We can take a detour here, IDM.

Example sentence 2: I’ve got another order coming in right now. IDM if the other one is canceled. 

IDM as “I don’t mind” or “It doesn’t matter” do not necessarily mean the same, but they both represent a more forgiving temperament in the conversation. In contrast, you could consider the shorthand for “I don’t care” — IDC; “I don’t care” as a phrase, could insinuate a bit of carelessness or even haughtiness or apathy depending on the context.

In a related conversation, it won’t be extremely shocking if IDM is used on Snapchat to denote Intelligent Dance Music (granted the receiver and sender share a common understanding). In another conversation, IDM could also be an abbreviation of Internet Download Manager, the popular download management tool for Windows.

So, like any other abbreviation with multiple plausible expansions, IDM also takes the expanded form depending on the context of the conversation.

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How to use IDM on Snapchat

IDM [I don’t mind] can be thrown casually into light-hearted Snapchat conversations to indicate your consent, agreement, or acquiescence to a proposal, suggestion, or direction. 

  • Example sentence 1: IDM, we can order something in for dinner. [As an agreement or pliability to a suggestion related to dinner plans.]
  • Example sentence 2: Take your time. IDM. [To assure someone that you don’t mind waiting, so they don’t have to rush on the ongoing task.]
  • Example sentence 3: IDM staying back after the official hours. I don’t have any urgent plans scheduled ahead for time being. [Denotes your initiative towards and/or acceptance of a suggestion or proposal.]

“I don’t mind” [IDM] encapsulates a general sense of warmth and positivity or a welcoming spirit and is used in conversations when the backdrops warrant sensitivity and compliance.

Social media has taken the speed-typing game up a notch although in a completely different context. As words tend to spill from our brains faster than we can type, shorthands have become increasingly common amongst smartphone users. While they are cool, internet abbreviations like “IDM” are for the most part informal and are recommended to be used only in casual settings or conversations on social media or intimate chats.


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  1. “It don’t matter” isn’t an erroneous phrase. It’s just AAVE, which is simply a different dialect of American English than General American English.

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