Watch Official Galaxy S3 Announcement from Samsung Live. Here’s the Timing For Each Country!

This is the day gentlemen. The day the world will be shown the Next Galaxy aka the Galaxy S3, that will change the way you look at things. At least, that’s what Samsung says, and I seriously hope that they live up to the hype they have created. At 7 pm UK time tonight (or tomorrow for those on the extreme ends of the time zone), the Samsung Unpacked 2012 event will kick off in London, where Samsung are to show off the Galaxy S3 (and a few other devices if rumors are to be believed).

The timings of the event for every country can be checked out according to country, city and time zone → here. And of course, not everyone can attend the big and important event in person, so Samsung will be streaming it live for the rest of the world on their official website, You will also be able to get live updates from Samsung’s Twitter and Facebook channels. And the Unpacked 2012 Android app will ensure you can watch the event live right from your Android phone.

So, excited about what Samsung will show off at the event and what wonders the new Galaxy smartphone will bring? I know I am, if only to see what it is that Samsung believes will change everything, and also secretly hoping they show off a new type of SAMOLED display. Here’s hoping the wait and hype will be worth it.