Verizon’s Prism app will help you manage and pay your bills on time

verizon prism app

Verizon will soon be releasing a new wealth management app that will help users keep track of their bills and pay them on time. The app is called Prism and it will help you pay all kinds of bills, not just your Verizon phone bill.

According to Verizon, the app will also keep an eye on your bank accounts, help you reduce debts, and protect your credit score. After installing the app, you will have to link all your billing accounts to Prism. Once that is done, the app automatically gathers all the required information regarding payments and notifies you when a bill is due.

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So, if you’re bad at managing your finances and all your salary is gone before the month even begins, then you should probably sign up for the Prism trial. Verizon also promises that the app is very secure, and doesn’t store any sensitive details on the phone. Everything is protected by a strong firewall.

However, Prism is not a new app and has already existed for a while. But it seems Verizon is now taking over the service and wants to integrate into the carrier’s offerings. By any means, if you’re interested to try out the app, you can head over here to sign up!

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Verizon does mention that they will be monitoring your usage and collect data when you use the app. You are also expected to provide feedback on the service.

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