Verizon LG G7 update adds fingerprint and face to screen unlock methods, persistent battery %, and more

It was towards the end of July that we last reported about Verizon rolling out a new software update to the LG G7 ThinQ and today, we are here with news about the device’s second minor software update on the Big Red.

The update currently being outed comes with software version G710VM10f and while high on the list of new things it brings is a new Android security patch for the month of, get this right, September 2018, the LG G7 will also receive plenty of other additions once the new firmware is installed.

Let’s take a quick look at the new features the latest update brings to the G7.

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Fingerprint scanner and face unlock added in the screen unlock wizard

When setting up the methods to use for unlocking your screen, you can now scan your fingerprint or face and use them to unlock the phone from sleep. Prior to this update, this was only possible through a Knock Code, pattern, PIN or password, as seen below.

An update to the Quick Settings

After the new update, you’ll notice that the Quick Settings menu has been updated, where Wi-Fi network status now clearly shows on the Wi-Fi toggle button, much like in stock Android. Check out the implementation in the screenshots below.

Square Camera mode is back!

The new update brings back the Square Camera mode, where the LG G7 is now capable of capturing Grid, Snap, and Guide shots.

Brightness boost

Following the latest update, there’s a new battery warning text to the Brightness boost guide popup where users can tap on Settings to go to the Brightness boost auto timeout option. You can tweak the boost mode timeout from the default 2 minutes to any of a half, one and three-minute durations. Also, the battery warning text is available as a popup when you raise the screen brightness slider above 80% for the first time.

Battery % display

Before the update, the limited space on the status bar area would force out the battery % indicator when the display size setting was tweaked to middle or large. But after the update, the battery % will keep its place even if the display size is raised.

Status bar

After installing the latest update, the flexible system icons on the LG G7 such as Bluetooth, NFC, DND, mobile hotspot, sound profile, and more will now appear on the status bar.

Camera Timer

The new update also comes with a new pop-up UI flow. Users can tap the Timer button to pick from a list of options that pops up and in the new update, there’s an additional 5-second option on the list, as seen below.

Go to top button

In the new update, you also get a new Go to top button that’s now supported in the Contacts, Gallery, Music, Messaging, Recent call logs and Groups lists.

Hide Tags Album

LG G7 users can now selectively hide virtual albums from the albums list. Users can select “Albums to display” from the overflow menu and pick the virtual albums to hide from the list of albums on the device.

Change View

The new update makes it easy to change view, where you only have to pinch to change thumbnail view. There are help guides for changing the layout view or font size in the overflow menu of apps like Phone, Gallery, Messaging, LG Email, and QuickMemo+.

Share from Gallery

Another addition is the ability to share files directly from the Gallery app. Simply tap and hold on a file to share it by selecting “Share” from the context menu.

Get Help

The new update makes it easy to find helpful information from external links. For instance, when the phone detects traces of moisture and USB cable connection error, a “Get help” link will show up. Hit this link and you’ll be redirected to an external LG web page with tips on how to solve your problem.

Note that this update is rolling out over the air, meaning it may take a few days before all LG G7 units on Verizon get the download notification, so be patient.

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