Vellamo Benchmark Tool from Qualcomm Tests your Android Browser’s Web Performance

Bored of Quadrant, Linpack and Smartbench benchmark tools? Or, since you spend most of your time on Internet all you are concerned about the browser’s performance, so what about a new benchmarking app that exists to test browser’s speed only? Well, your wish is granted. Qualcomm just announced a new Benchmark Tool that tests your phone’s browsers capabilities and goodness against 11 modern sets suitable for web benchmarking.

Sure, your devices won’t change. it would remain as it was and would perform all the same but the is cool to compare your phone’s performance against others and know the veracity of much-touted claims by the manufacturer.

We’ve already tested it on our Galaxy S 2 (Galaxy S is in line, too) and it S2 scored an impressive 947 (well, that was expected) ranking 2nd behind its tablet sister Galaxy Tab 10.1 by a small margin. Here are the screens:

Galaxy S II Score

GalaxY S II Vellamo

The tests conducted by Vellamo are divided into 4 categories with some variable number of sub categories inside each one. Details below:

  1. Rendering
  1. Se The Sun Canvas
  2. Deep Sea Canvas
  3. Aquarium Canvas
  4. Pixel bender
  • Javascript
  1. Surf Wax Binder
  2. Sun Spider (Online)
  3. V8 Benchmark (Online)
  • User Experience
  1. Ocean Flinger
  2. Image Flinger
  3. Text Flinger
  • Networking
  1. Networking Loader

There is one more category: Advanced which is further sub-divided into 3 sub categories but it won’t show in the benchmark’s score chart:

  1. HTML5 Video (Online)
  2. WebGL (Online)
  3. Page Loader & Reloader (Online)

DOWNLOAD VELLAMO from Android market for Free.

Run the app on your dear phone and let us know the results in the comments below.

Update: I just tested out my Galaxy S (international version GT-i9000) and it scored a 587. While it ranked ahead of Nexus One, Galaxy S Vibrant and Droid 2, the list had Tab 10.1 at the top, followed by Sensation, EVO 3D, myTouch4G, Desire S and Atrix 4G. Only Desire S and myTouch 4G among the single core phones topped it but both were released some 8-9 months after Galaxy S and run on Qualcomm’s processor which is the developer of the vellamo benchmarking tool too, got it?

Let us know your phone’s scores, alright.

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