US Cellular and Sprint Galaxy Note 2 found out at FCC, as also Samsung SPH-P500 and SCH-i915 tablets

Samsung sure seems to be gearing up big-time for it’s “next big thing” event on October 24th. The electronics giant has just passed 4 more devices through the FCC corridors recently, and seems to be almost set to unveil some awesome devices to the US market.

As you can see above, the top two images indicate LTE equipped tablets, carrying the model numbers SPH-P500 and SCH-i915, which are headed to Sprint and Verizon respectively. While both are most likely to be Galaxy Tab 2 variants for these carriers, there have been yet unconfirmed reports of faster and more efficient Snapdragon S4 processors as against the original Tab 2’s T1 chip.

As for the bottom image, the SPH-L900 indicates dimensions and dual-mode support, which leads us to believe that this is most likely to be Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Note 2. Soon after the SPH-L900 landed in the FCC, another variant, the SCH-R950 also arrived for the approval process. The SCH-R950 is reportedly the US Cellular variant of the Note 2.

For those of you who have been following us, Sprint’s version of this much-awaited device was missing from the ones cleared by the FCC a few days ago, when variants for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile made the cut. So there you go, it would appear that Samsung has everything covered for October 24th. We are excited!!! Are you?