US 3G Compatible HTC Legend Found Selling for $500.

HTC Desire with US 3G

Remember HTC Legend, also known as G2, the successor of first Android phone, HTC G1. Well, it’s one of the best phones from the pre-superphone era, which is now available with US 3G bands, as revealed by We can’t think about its how-come, but Negri Electronics is selling one unlocked, for $500 fully compatible with the 850/1900 UMTS bands.

But the deal isn’t that cool when you know that HTC Desire with massive improvements and compatible US 3G gears is coming soon, unless you are totally hit by the aluminum wrapper around Legend. So, anybody we could count in here? Or you have closed your eyes and next thing you wanna see is Droid X by Motorola. Nice.

Via Engadget

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