HTC announces Android M for One M9 and One M9+


So the Android M has finally been announced by Google and the preview version has been made available for developers with the actual Android still a couple of months away.

However HTC lost no time at all in announcing the Android M update for its flagship devices — the HTC One M9 and the M9+.The announcement came within a couple of days of the Google I/O which saw the unveiling of the upcoming Android and while we are sure that HTC is not the only OEM that will offer the update to users, it certainly is the first.

While we do not have any official information on the schedule yet — considering that no official statement regarding the exact release date of Android M has come out yet — the latest from Google is expected to hit the general populace sometime in the third quarter of 2015.

Well, if the Taiwanese companie’s announcement are any indication, HTC devices can be expected to be some of the first on the scene. HTC has also promised the updates for other devices as well in the near future.

Although HTC is treading a little warily and has not given a exact timeframe for the update yet. The company seems to have learnt a lesson from when it promised the Lollipop update withing 90 days and failed to deliver through no fault of its own.

That being said, it must still be mentioned that although not within 90 days, HTC devices were in fact some of the earliest ones to get the Lollipop update and the company is probably hoping to continue the tradition and strenghten its reputation as one of the fastest platform update provider.

Source: AndroidAuthority