Unlocked Galaxy S8 Active to be released soon by Samsung?

Around this time last month, Samsung and AT&T announced the Galaxy S8 Active — a rugged version of the standard Galaxy S8 with a slightly bigger battery. During the launch, the South Korean tech-giant did mention that the phone will be exclusively available at AT&T “for a limited time.”

Well, it seems like the South Korean company had a good reason for that. A new unannounced Samsung smartphone with the model number: SM-G892U has appeared on Wi-Fi Alliance today.

For the unaware, SM-G892(A) is the model number of the Galaxy S8 Active which has been exclusive to AT&T so far. Also, the Galaxy S7 Active and Galaxy S6 Active with the model numbers SM-G891A and SM-G890A were exclusively made available at AT&T.

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Which means, if the smartphone in question is the unlocked version of the Galaxy S8 Active (see that ‘U’ in the model number?) — which, btw is highly likely, it will be the first unlocked Active phone in the Galaxy S line in years.

There’s no word on when the unlocked Galaxy S8 Active will be made available, though. But, now that it’s been cleared by Wi-Fi Alliance, it’s only a matter of time until we see that happening.


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