TWRP recovery for OnePlus 6 now available [Unofficial]

OnePlus 6 TWRP Recovery

It has been less than a fortnight since OnePlus revealed their latest flagship killer device of 2018 – the OnePlus 6, that brings some great improvements over the OnePlus 5T. While the manufacturer is making new strides to bring software support of Android P in beta to the device already, the Android community and its developers were also busy powering the device up for root access.

With that said, the OnePlus 6 already has TWRP custom recovery support ready to roll, so you can start rooting your OnePlus 6 right now. Visit the link below to get the TWRP recovery for your OnePlus 6 now.

→ OnePlus 6 TWRP recovery and root guide

To be able to install TWRP recovery, you would first need to unlock the bootloader of the device.

Considering that the OnePlus 6 is the first device from the brand to officially support Google’s Project Treble, it wouldn’t be surprising to see custom ROMs for the flagship killer to be released every now and then.


Are you going to root your OnePlus 6 to unlock even more potential of the supersonic beast, or would you rather keep the warranty intact?

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