Try the Inverted Instagram App!

Bored of the white background on the Instagram app on your Android phone? Try the Inverted Instagram app to change the background to black and get rid of the white. RootzWiki forum member .OmEgA has released the inverted Instagram app that changes the official Instagram app’s backgrounds to black, for a cooler and more visually appealing experience.

There’s not much more to say about the Inverted Instagram app except that it looks really nice, so head over to the official RootzWiki page of the app to download and install it on your Android device (just put the downloaded .apk file on your SD card and install it using a file manager). If you have the official Instagram app installed on your device, you’ll have to uninstall it in order to be able to install Inverted Instagram.

Let us know your impressions of the app in the comments below.


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