Try Glimmr, the new unofficial Flickr Android app

Are you a frequent user of Flickr for managing your photos and sharing them with others? If the answer is yes, then there’s a new unofficial Flickr app out for Android that you should try out – called Glimmr (see what they did there with the name?).

Glimmr allows you to login and manage all your Flickr photos, view the photos uploaded by your contacts (with the ability to swipe between both your own and your friends’ photos), ability to comment on photos and mark them as favourites, automatic notifications, and more.

Here are the official features of Glimmr:

  • Swipe through you and your contacts photos with ease
  • Group support
  • Comment on photos and view detailed exif info
  • Notifications for when your contacts post new photos
  • No Ads

Glimmr works really nicely and is very smooth as well, which make it a very good Flickr app, though the ability to upload photos has not been added yet. There are more features coming soon though according to the developer, and you can also suggest new features via email.

Both a free and paid version of Glimmr are available. The $2 paid version of Glimmr will get new features faster but that’s about the only difference between the paid and free versions, with no ads in either of them. Hit the links below to install Glimmr from the Play Store and give it a go. Do let us know how it works!

Glimmr Free  |  Glimmr L (Pro) $2