tinyCam gets Android Wear support with Live IP Camera survellience Support

Being a fan of fiction movies, I always wanted cool gadgets that are used in the action movies which are used to spot the enemies. I have always wondered if live surveillance is possible on as tiny device as a wrist watch, but with the advent of the Android Wear devices, I was hoping that my dreams will come true. One such fantasy came to reality now with the latest tinyCam 5.6 update which extends supports to Android wear devices and support live Camera feed. The Live cam support already exists in Smartphones, but it became wicked cool with the Wear devices coming into play.

This is cool news for people who own IP cameras in their offices or at home. You can now set-up your IP cameras and configure them with your Smart watch and then Voila you can access your cam feed directly from your Wrist watch. You have’t even listened to the cool part yet, you can get the live feed by saying OK Google. Start TinyCam Monitor. You can also watch multiple feeds by swiping the screens and tapping on the feed you want to watch. You can also say Cast to Android Wear to cast the video feed on your Wearable device.

The update is quite simple and straight forward. We feel that the inclusion of option for customizing the voice commands to launch the video feed would further spice up the bowl. If customized voice command option is available, we can set the voice commands of our own to avoid mocking from people around you for saying OK Google like a robot every time you want to launch the feed. Anyway things start from a single step, so we are being patient and waiting for another update to roll out soon.

However, the free version of the Tiny Cam doesn’t give you the opportunity to use this feature. But you can avail this service by paying a reasonable price of $3.99 and expand the video feed capabilities to your Android Wear device as well. You can download the tinyCam app from the Playstore link provided below.

Get it on the Playstore link provided below.

  Download tinyCam

Via AndroidCentral