This T-Mobile S6 5.1.1 (OF6) ROM is Rooted, DeBloated and DeOdexed; runs faster than anything

When you’re done playing around with various hacks, custom mods, kernels, ROMs, etc. stuff, you just need a simple ROM that has root access and is de-bloated of the crap from your OEM and Carrier. And that’s exactly what this T-Mobile Galaxy S6 ROM delivers. It’s pre-rooted, debloated and stock for everything else.

T-Mobile released the Android 5.1.1 update (OF6) for Galaxy S6 a few weeks ago, the carrier was the first to bring the 5.1.1 update to S6 — that is, even before it hit the international variants of the device. And root was achieved on 5.1.1 first by a custom kernel from g.lawarne, however, it did came with its fair share of bugs.

Anyway, now with this stock rooted + debloated custom ROM from Mikeyinid for the T-Mobile Galaxy S6, you can be sure of getting root access with a ROM fairly stable and much faster than Samsung’s stock 5.1.1 build, all thanks to the heavy debloating done on the ROM.

A Samsung stock ROM for S6 is generally around 1.5GB in size, but this debloated custom ROM is hands down only 666MB in size. You can smell the cooking process gone on this ROM, and the harmful stuff (read: bloatware) it burned in the process.

Since this ROM is based on 5.1.1 OF6 firmware, you’ll need to install the stock OF6 firmware first either via OTA, Odin or FlashFire, to be able to use this OF6 based custom ROM. This is a requirement because the OF6 build comes with an upgraded bootloader and unless you’ve that bootloader installed on your device, any 5.1.1 based ROM won’t boot on your device.

Grab the ROM file from the download link below and flash it via TWRP recovery with a factory reset and cache wipe.

[icon name=”download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Download T-Mobile S6 G920T 5.1.1 rooted + debloated OF6 ROM

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  1. Is this on XDA somewhere?

  2. Is this on XDA somewhere?

  3. What the hell there is no speech to text how do I get it

  4. What the hell there is no speech to text how do I get it

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