Test Jelly Bean update rolling to Xperia T, final update to come early?

Sony may have disappointed a lot of users by announcing that Xperia devices will start getting updated to Jelly Bean from 2013, but it looks like Sony is working hard and fast on the update and may release it for the Xperia T before the scheduled February release, as a test Jelly Bean update has started rolling out to test/debug variants of the Xperia T.

Both the international and AT&T Xperia T variants have received the test update (confirmed in China and Vietnam for the international variant), which according to reports drastically improves battery life. There’s also a new and improved home launcher, which was leaked and made available for download earlier today, and also some improvements to image and sound quality. Performance and responsiveness have also changed for the better, as is expected from Android 4.1.

Needless to say, the test update has put one thought in everyone’s minds – that they might get the official final update very soon, maybe as a Christmas gift, though that seems unlikely considering Sony has not announced anything. Sony has a track record of making available alpha and beta versions of major updates for their devices, so we could see the test update made available for everyone willing to try it out.

We can also expect the development community on XDA to soon come out with a custom version of the update, as well as ports to other Xperia devices, and we’ll be sure to know if that does happen.

Meanwhile, take a look at a few screenshots below of the Android 4.1.2 update. Here’s hoping Sony soon pushes out the final update and makes a lot of Xperia T users really happy this Christmas.



Via: Sony Viet


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