Take a look at ZTE’s Frame Interactive Technology on Nubia Z9 in this video

zte nubia z9

Last month, ZTE announced its flagship smartphone Nubia Z9. The device is the most innovative smartphone from the Chinese firm. It is already listed for sale in China and it is going to be released in U.S. in the next quarter for an expected price of $600 onwards for the unlocked version.

The ZTE Nubia Z9 has a design that makes it almost borderless and it is ready to change the way the users interact with the smartphones partially. The device features what ZTE calls as Frame Interactive Technology that lets to command the device by simply interacting with the right and left edges.

ZTE has showcased the Frame Interactive Technology on Nubia Z9 in a promo video to let everyone take a glance at what this new technology can do such as unlocking the display, switching between apps, zooming in and out of photos and maps and taking screenshots.

However, this new technology has to be tested to know if it’s as user-friendly as claimed by the manufacturer. Take a look at the promo video released by ZTE to see the functionality of this Frame Interactive Technology.

Nubia Z9 - Frame interactive Technology