T-Mobile to start its own TV service in 2018

t-mobile tv

US network, T-Mobile, has just announced that they will be launching a new cable TV service in 2018. The company wants to disrupt the cable service industry in America, which it says is broken, expensive, and stupid.

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, posted a clip where he explains what’s wrong with the current cable TV service provides and how they don’t really care about the consumers. He wants to ‘Un-carrier’ your TV, and they’ve already started working on making this a reality.

For starters, the carrier has bought an online TV service provider called Layer3 TV. The purchase should go through within the next few weeks, and we should hear more about the new T-Mobile TV service very soon. The company already provides mobile streaming in the form of Binge On and T-Mobile One.

As of now, all we know, is that the new service from T-Mobile will give you access to your favorite channels, provide you with a better subscription plan, and more choice, all at a lower price point. The company will start working on it next year, and we will provide you more details soon.

T-Mobile has a great presence in the US, and they also have a very good 4G network, so them entering the TV service business makes sense. What do you think of this move by the carrier? Would you be willing to cut ties with your cable provider and join hands with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere - Un-carrier to TV | T-Mobile
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