T-Mobile Galaxy Note in the Making?

Looks like the Galaxy Note could be coming to the T-Mobile network, according to a few documents obtained by TmoNews, the unofficial T-Mobile blog. The documents mention the model number SGH-T879, with a screen resolution of 800×1280, and though model numbers SGH-T8x9 are usually reserved for tablets, the 800×1280 resolution suggest it’s a phone rather than a tablet, which would have a resolution on 1280×800.

TmoNews notes the following points as possibilities that the SGH-T879 might be the Note coming to T-Mobile:

  1. All Samsung T-Mobile devices have the model number SGH-Txx9.
  2. The Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance both classify the SGH-T879 as a phone.
  3. 800×1280 is a smartphone orientation, while tablets would have 1280×800 as the resolution. However, the Galaxy Tab 10.1″ also reported a 800×1280 resolution, so this is isn’t that strong a clue.
  4. The user agent string shown above is similar to the one for the AT&T Galaxy Note aka SGH-i717.

As it stands, it’s not certain that the Galaxy Note is coming to T-Mobile, but factors like the device being classified as a phone by the Bluetooth and WiFi documents, as well as the 800×1280 resolution are pretty strong clues. But what’s certain is that a device with a 800×1280 resolution screen is coming to T-Mobile. Whether it’s the Note or a tablet, remains to be seen.