T-Mobile and Samsung keep Galaxy S8 Active and Galaxy S7 sets alive with new software updates

With the launch of the Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy S8 and S7 sets keep dropping lower in the pecking order with respect to software updates. The focus has now shifted to the new kids on the block followed by last year’s S9 duo, which naturally means the S8 and S7 will no longer receive security updates every month.

To ensure they are still giving out the best performance possible, T-Mobile and Samsung have new updates for the Galaxy S8 Active, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that bundles security patches from January and February 2019 into a single file.

The S8 Active’s update has software version G892USQS4BSB2 while the S7 and S7 Edge are receiving versions G930TUVS9CSB2 and G935TUVS9CSB2, respectively.

So far, we don’t know how heavy the updates are, but considering they carry two months’ security patches, be sure to connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection to complete the upgrade.

All three updates are based on Android Oreo, but things will soon change for the S8 Active since it’s the only one here eligible for an update to Android 9 Pie.


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