How to Suspend Google Allo when your Phone is Lost or Stolen

If you lost your phone, it’s advisable that you suspend Google Allo app on your phone with immediate effect to make sure that an stranger doesn’t start a conversation (behaving as you) on Google Allo with your friends and relatives.

This is a pretty necessary step if you care about your privacy and the ones with whom you share messages, pictures and videos on Google Allo. If you don’t suspend Google Allo after your phone is lost/stolen, you might compromise your friends and relatives private data with the thief or the person who finds your lost phone.

Google has provided an online form using which you can request Google to Suspend Allo on your phone.

But before you do that, you need to contact your phone carrier to lock your number. Because if you don’t lock your number than someone will re-activate Google Allo on your phone and it’ll continue to function on your lost/stolen phone.

How to Suspend Google Allo

  1. (Important!) Contact your phone carrier and file a request to lock your phone number.
  2. Open the following page on your PC
  3. Fill out the form as instructed on the page and submit to Google.

In case you haven’t tried already, Google has an in-built device manager on all Android devices which you can use to locate your Android phone, lock it remotely with a password and even factory reset / erase all data on it. Follow the link below for full detailed guide on how to use Android Device Manager.

[icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How to Locate your Android phone

Happy Androiding!

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