You can now customize selfie stickers in Google Allo

Google Allo comes with a unique selfie sticker feature which automatically creates a set of stickers inspired by your looks. The app uses advanced algorithms to create fun stickers by determining your face structure, hairstyle, beard, etc. through a quick selfie. And starting today, you can now even customize these selfie stickers on Allo with your own style.

With the latest update to Google Allo app, it’s now possible to customize your selfie stickers to a much greater extent. You can select face type, hairstyle, eyes, lips, beard/moustache styles, skin features and props for your personalized selfie stickers.

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To create a selfie sticker, open a chat on Allo » tap on Stickers icon (in the row above type area) » select the add sticker icon on the far right, and then select Inspired by you stickers on the next screen to create your selfie stickers.

Watch Jason Cornwell from Communication design & Research team announce the new customizable selfie stickers in Google Allo in the video below.

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