Google Allo for web gets GIF/emoji search and Shout feature

Last month, Google introduced the web version of its chat app, the Google Allo. However, it lacked some features available on the mobile app such as emoji/GIF search and Whisper/Shout feature.

But starting today, both the features are now available for web users as well. The emoji/sticker/GIF search is known as “Smart Smiley” and lets you search for an emoji or a sticker or GIF by just entering the related text. Mind it, the search is really fast. The Smart Smiley icon is present at the bottom, between the Google Assistant icon and Emoji picker.

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When you click the “Smart Smiley” icon, just enter the text that you want to search and Allo will display the related emojis on the left side of the carousel, followed by stickers and finally GIFs on the right. However, you would have to tap the “GIF” search icon to actually see the related GIFs. Basically, GIF search is a two click process. But, that’s okay. We can do with that.

Another feature that Google introduces for Allo web is the Whisper/Shout feature. For those not familiar with the Whisper/Shout feature, you can change the size of the text on Allo mobile apps by dragging the send button. This is known as Whisper/Shout, where Whisper is used for the smallest text size and Shout for the largest text size. On web version too, you have to hold the send button to change the text size. Drag the slider up to increase the text size and drag it down to decrease the text size.

If you are a WhatsApp fan, in case you missed it, even WhatsApp recently introduced the Emoji search feature.

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