Download SuperSU 2.82 SR5 (latest file, March 30, 2018)

Update [March 30, 2018]: Download link for the latest SuperSU file, v2.82 SR5, added now. Ignore the older versions, as you shall use only this version, or the newer one if and when that becomes available.

SuperSU has been around since time immemorial. Rooting an Android device and SuperSU go hand in hand. With that said, SuperSU v2.82. SR1 is now out in beta and available for download for all the custom modding enthusiasts out there.

Nowadays, system-less root, like Magisk, has taken center stage thanks to its ability to achieve root without having to mess around with the system partition of the device. At the same time, Magisk and similar services still haven’t been perfected and come with its own drawbacks. This and the long-standing history of SuperSU is why people use SuperSU even now.

→ Download SuperSU v2.82 SR1 (.zip)

This new version of SuperSU deals with the many policy changes within Android and various other internal discrepancies like Samsung’s forced encryption and the like. Well, let’s be honest here, it’s best not to try any of this out if you aren’t already familiar with unlocking and rooting your device. In other words, we’re not going to be held responsible if your device goes into a bootloop or gets bricked.

In other news, Android O has been given the green light to go by the moniker of Android 8.0.0 and not be a continuation of Android 7.x.x. The next version of Android packs in a lot of tasty treats. Come August and we’ll get our first official look at the finished product.

Via: Google+