Stable Android 10 rolling out to Motorola One Power

Around a month after opening a closed Android 10 beta program for the Motorola One Power, the company has started rolling out the stable build for the device.

As part of the Android One program, the device is guaranteed to get two Android OS upgrades, and it’s good to see Motorola following up so promptly.

Courtesy: XDA Developers

According to the company’s release notes, the stable Android 10 rollout commenced on December 10th and is currently being rolled out in a staged manner. Only a handful of random users have been granted access so far, but the American firm assures that all Moto One Power users will have their hands on the software before January 10th, 2020.

Users, who were lucky enough to participate in the closed Android 10 beta program, have also been granted a software update. Carrying software version QPT30.61-18, the update improves the stability of the device, while also delivering the December 2019 security patch.

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