Sprint rejuvenates its interest in MetroPCS!

T-Mobile and MetroPCS may have shaken hands and agreed to go ahead with the merger of the two carriers, but Sprint isn’t going to let go of MetroPCS that easily, according to a rumor which says that the carrier is preparing to make another bid on MetroPCS, who they have already tried to acquire earlier this year.

T-Mobile is currently set to pay $1.5 billion in order to order MetroPCS, and Sprint would need to bid a higher amount to beat T-Mobile, but the latter is reportedly not about to sit idly and watch. This should actually be interesting, as neither carrier would want to give up MetroPCS and will probably battle it out for some time to come.

The winner here will of course be MetroPCS, as a bidding war between T-Mobile and Sprint only means that they make more money out of the whole affair. But it remains to be seen whether Sprint really does make an offer, and whether it is an offer that MetroPCS just can’t refuse.