Sprint Nexus S 4G Price Dropped to $99

Sprint’s offering the latest Google Nexus device, Nexus S 4G, for just $99 — and that’s cool anyway you look at it.

The Samsung made Nexus S android phone is directly from Google and is one of the fastest and well-integrated android phone till date — only Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 is a better phone (in fact, the best android phone right now) in my opinion even after giving plenty of thoughts to the likes of Motorola Atrix 4G 9still on Android 2.2!), HTC Sensation (a bit buggy), HTC EVO 3D (same as Sensation) and yes, that LG Optimus 2X, world’s first dual-core phone (not-serious-at-all).

So, unless you can hold out for Galaxy S II for Sprint — that’s Samsung Within, actually — the Nexus S with 4G speeds at just $99 on a 2 yr deal is the best you can hope for. But price drops have a side effect — they indicate something even more cooler coming up soon which is in fact behind the price drop to clear the existing stock as soon as it can be done. So, does that mean that Samsung Within is hitting Sprint pretty soon now? Well, since no official word on the release is available, you’ll have to weigh in between the 2 options: one, waiting for the world’s best android phone to arrive at your carrier, and second, purchasing the best single-core processor android phone in the form of Nexus S 4G which will also be the first one to receive Android OS updates, for just $99. Your choice!

And if it’s purchasing Nexus S 4G at discounted rate of $99, here’s the link to Sprint’s order page.

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