Sprint Moto E receiving Android 5.1 OTA update, build LPI23.29-18-S.1

The new Motorola Moto E 2015 edition is all set for the Android 5.1 update treatment from Sprint, as the carrier just let us know of that. That really makes Moto E the smallest device running Android 5.1. Moto E 2015 variants other than Sprint’s own have already received, but finally Sprint Moto E users will be donning starting today.

The build no. of the 5.1 update is LPI23.29-18-S.1, and Sprint has kept mum on what other changes the update brings other than the obvious version upgrade. The Android 5.1 update is still Lollipop, of course, and Sprint will be updating will be updated all sets in next few days or so. We will keep an eye out for OTA zip file for your download and quick manual installation pleasure, but you can smash that ‘check update now’ button quite a few times with good reason now.

The model no. of Moto E devices that are compatible under this Android 5.1 OTA release is XT1526 (CDMA phones.) We could be seeing the same update on Boost Mobile Moto E sets too, as both of these sets shared same software version upon release.

This is Sprint Moto E’s first OTA update too, btw. Hats off to Motorola to pull the latest update on nifty device like Moto E so soon, when even the flagship devices are in the waiting for the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc. And being stock, Moto E would be running 5.1 as smoothly as it runs on 5.0 — which is good.

What do you think? If you have a Sprint Moto E, or that at Boost Mobile, do let us know.

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