Sprint LG G3 latest update LS990ZVA is not Android 5.1, it’s about Factory Reset Protection

Sprint is pushing a new update to LG G3, and that looks to be solely aiming to install Factory Reset protection feature into the device. The build name of the update is LS990ZVA, while it’s still Android 5.0. Yep, it’s not Android 5.1 update you would be hoping for, given the G3’s competitor phone in Galaxy S5 got Android 5.1 update today, but that’s that.

With this, if you Android device is lost or stolen, the other person could not factory reset it if he doesn’t have the password of the Google account set to the device. This is pretty good feature, but it can prevent flashing from fastboot and the like too, to be able to do its job and protect your device fully.

You may not want to take the LS990ZVA OTA update if you love hacking stuff like root, custom recovery, etc. because this could easy block you from flashing things-you-want on your device. So, be sure to read a lot about the update first, and then take it.

Update: Here’s your ZVA Root! We know some of you will be surely looking to root your Sprint G3 after ZVA update.

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