Sprint and Verizon Galaxy S3 Price drops to $99

If you’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S3 for some time now, especially after seeing how it held up against a bullet, and a blender, now seems to be a great time to get it in the US. Online retailer, Amazon Wireless is offering this awesome device for just $99 on a 2 year contract with either Sprint or Verizon.

Just a couple of days ago, we saw Amazon offering the AT&T Galaxy S3 for $120, and comparatively, this gives you an additional benefit of $20. With the holiday season coming up, and a slew of shiny new devices launching, or being readied for launch, it is not unusual to find such awesome deals, even if they are for the reigning king of smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy S3

While some of the upcoming devices, might carry specs that are higher than the Galaxy S3, this is still, and will continue to be a highly capable device for quite some time to come, and if you go with either of the current deals, you cannot go wrong with this phone.

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