Spelunky 2 Online: Everything you need to know

Developed by Mossmouth and BlitWorks, Spelunky 2 builds upon the popularity of the original Spelunky game with a set of new unique and randomized challenges that you need to go through in a roguelike fashion. You are one of the explorers who search for treasures in Moon with the sole aim to reach the end of a cave that’s filled with traps, mysteries, and monsters.

The world is denser as there are more elements you can interact with on every level. You get the chance to add more components to your characters including weapons, power packs, and mounts. With so much to go for, you might be wondering whether this recent Rugulaic game can be played online. That’s what we’re here to talk about.

Is Spelunky 2 Available Online for Playing without downloading?

Spelunky 2 was released for PC games on September 29 but the game is only available for download on Steam. So, no, Spelunky 2 cannot be played online without downloading it as it cannot be played on the web.

Why is it not available online?

Spelunky 2 is a platform video game and certainly not made to run on the web. Like its predecessor, this is also a 2D platform game but is built on the new liquid physics system which lets it flow from one level to another naturally without loading time.

Because of this, Spelunky 2 requires you to run it on a computer with at least these specifications – Quad Core 2.6 GHz or higher, 4 GB RAM or more, and a minimum of Nvidia GTX 750. The fact that Spelunky 2 demands you to run a PC with the above specs, it’s not feasible to develop such a game to be playable on the web.

What to expect now

At the time of writing, Spelunky 2 can only be played on PlayStation 4 and PC. Users will have to buy and download the game from Steam and Playstation Store from the links below.

The game’s developer also confirmed before launch that Spelunky 2 will support cross-platform play between Steam and PS4 but such a feature won’t be readily available during launch. We can expect cross-play between the two platforms soon since it was announced that it will take a few weeks at most after the game’s launch on Steam for the feature to roll out.

Can you play online multiplayer on Spelunky 2?

Yes but not initially. Upgrading from the original Spelunky which only offered local multiplayer, Spelunky 2 was planned to come with online multiplayer gameplay. However, just days after launch, Spelunky’s developers announced that they would be removing the ‘Online Co-op’ from the stores since the features weren’t available on day one.

But when online support arrives, players will be able to take part in co-op adventure mode and other competitive modes. Online playability will also expand to deathmatch mode and there’s a new mode – Hold the Idol, which involves four players playing in an arena to capture a golden skull from everyone else.

Are you excited about playing Spelunky 2 and if yes, what are you going to play it on? Let us know in the comments. 


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