Sony Xperia Z2 gets “Live On Youtube” app that lets you broadcast live videos on Youtube

Sony is well-known for releasing some great media apps which offer many features and gives a crispy user-interface along with the quality. The Sony Xperia Z2 is now getting an add-on from the company in the form a new camera app called the Live On Youtube app that allows you to broadcast live videos on Youtube. The most interesting fact is that Sony is the first company to offer such a feature and even the Official Youtube app for android doesn’t include this Live feature.

The Live feature comes handy to regular bloggers and reporters who can directly broadcast their finds without any delay using this app. However, most likely the app would be of limited usage to the commonner except for broadcasting videos occasionally. But it definitely is a great feature which lets you share video to your viewers or family members, moreover this doesn’t consume your resources unless you use it. So having an option like this is always good.

The app allows you to share video publicly to the world or privately with your friends & family members using the app’s private mode. All you need to have is a Youtube account and you have to enable the live feature on your Youtube account for sharing your video on Live. You can enable this feature by logging into your Youtube account and you’ll get the enable option here.

You can download the Live On Youtube app from the download links below:

Download from Playstore  download link.

Download directly to PC  download link.

However, make sure you carry a portable battery charger or a power bank as the app will surely suck your battery dry over prolonged usage. This app will work in all the countries where Youtube is available and currently it supports the Xperia Z2 only. Hope the app will be ported to some other devices in the near future.

Live-on-YouTube-2 Live-on-YouTube-3 Live-on-YouTube-1

Via Xperiablog