Sony to buy Ericsson, plans to Sync mobile devices with its other gadgets


According to the Wall-Street Journal, Sony is planning to buy out Telefon AB L.M shares from Ericsson, making Sony the sole owner of Sony-Ericsson — the sixth largest cell-phone manufacturing firm in the world.

The move comes as no surprise as we all anticipated this to happen some-day, the main advantage of this is that we soon will be able to use cell-phones that can easily synchronize with other Sony gadgets like the PS3 and PSP. This will also result in a price drop as Sony will be the sole owner of the firm, that means we will soon be able to see mid-range smartphones and other Sony devices. There is also a possibility that Sony will follow Apples lead and manufacture high end devices that will leave a huge hole in your pockets.

If the buyout goes as planned we will soon see what Sony plans to do with its new authority, for now we can only hope that  their penchant for DRM and control doesn’t nullify the strides Sony Ericsson has taken in respect to open-hardware and community developer support.