Sony releases new Xperia X Concept build with March security patch and X-Reality for video

Sony has started rolling out a new Xperia X Concept build after last week’s build release which brought several new features which included a Glove mode and updated camera app to those Xperia X running Concept builds.

The latest Xperia X Concept release also comes with a handful of new features. Arriving as firmware version 38.3.1.A.0.54, it installs X-Reality for videos. This new feature which erstwhile was a part of stock Xperia firmware has now made its way into the Concept software.

Other improvements brought about by the latest build includes enhanced back-light brightness control and bug fix for restarting the phone in low battery mode. Most importantly, the update also installs the latest March Android security patch.

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Another feature which has been re-enabled via this update is the VoLTE support, which was removed in previous builds due to some issues. However, it should be kept in mind that this VoLTE support has been enabled only in Germany, Spain, and the UK.

via Xperia Blog

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