Sony dethrones HTC to take second place in the UK in Android sales, Samsung still numero uno

HTC’s smartphone business continues to suffer, as Sony has now stolen their second place position in the UK in Android device sales, with 500,000 sales across the UK during Q3 (HTC sold 440,000 devices). Samsung, meanwhile, continues its position as the number one manufacturer with 3.2 million units sold in the same quarter.

“All sources are confirming the same trend – that we are jumping into second place in the UK Android segment. This is what all our customers are telling us, that Sony Mobile is considered a top player in the UK Android space.” said UK MD of Sony Mobile, Pierre Perron, obviously proud of the company’s recent achievement.

Sony’s sales were no doubt helped by the Xperia T and its “Bond Phone” moniker and their increasingly aggressive marketing, with the company even giving out free acro S smartphones to some viewers of the James Bond’s latest movie, indicating that Sony is taking it quite seriously in the UK.

Considering HTC’s devices usually get more limelight, it’s good to see that Sony was able to make such progress and beat the Taiwanese manufacturer, though the latter still remains quite a bit more popular stateside, where Sony struggles to find a foothold.

But hey, progress is progress, so here’s to Sony doubling, or even tripling the number of sales next year, maybe with the help of their upcoming and oft rumored Xperia Yuga, which has captured the attention of many. They probably won’t be able to beat Samsung at the game thanks to the latter’s popularity and Samsung’s marketing bank balance, but second place is the next best thing, and Sony now has it.

Via: The Verge | Source: Mobile Magazine

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