Some Galaxy S10 users are reporting multiple notification sounds problem

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus multiple notification sounds problem

The Galaxy S10 handsets have had several issues since their launch a few months ago. Samsung has so far done a great job fixing most of these issues, but it seems they aren’t done yet.

The latest issue affects notification sounds on multiple apps. Apparently, some Galaxy S10 users say when they receive a single notification, the phone plays the notification sound three to six times in quick succession instead of one.

It’s possible this issue is part of the most recent software update that installed the May 2019 security patches. Which probably explains why Samsung hasn’t picked it up yet, but we do hope it isn’t widespread.

Let us know if you’re receiving multiple notification sounds on your Galaxy S10 handset in your comments below.

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  1. No issues with Notification sounds whatsoever on SnapDragon – But What happened to Samsung doing something about the missing Notification LED?? Back in February there were rumours that Samsung was doing something about this inexcusable FAIL! Thanks to Chain – Holey Light makes up for Samsung’s idiotic decisions…!

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