Snipping Tool May Get Ability to Add Shapes to Screenshot Images

Microsoft might be working on improving Snipping Tool – Windows 11’s native screenshot app – with a few highlighting options for your screenshots. The feature will possibly see Snipping Tool gain the ability to add shapes to images and embellish them with arrows and colors. 

Although the feature hasn’t been announced by Microsoft yet, X user PhantomOcean3 managed to tinker and get the feature working on Snipping Tool version 11.2312.33.0.

Image: PhantomOfEarth

If Microsoft is, in fact, working on such a feature, the Snipping Tool will let you add circles and squares while editing your images and screenshots. On top of that, it’ll let users add lines and arrows, choose fill colors, as well as outline the shapes. 

Users who regularly work on instructional guides or have to highlight and share the content of their screens will welcome any such additions as they give them the ability to edit images and screenshots right within the Snipping Tool. 

Although Microsoft has yet to reveal work on such a feature, it’ll allow users to ditch third-party apps in favor of Windows’ native screen grabber if it’s confirmed. We hope the editing options do find their way to your PC soon. Until that time, look for updates in this space.  

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